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Snow Plowing/ Snow Clearing  

Our winter services include:
Snow plowing of parking lots, roadways, and driveways for commercial, industrial, and retail properties
Snow and ice control on walkways and entrances to buildings
Ice control using quality materials and timely application methods 
Snow removal and relocation 
Our client list includes shopping centers, office parks, medical offices, townhome/HOA communities, and warehouses. 
If you would like to see how we can help you remain safe this winter, please contact us for a site consultation. 

Snow Clearing

Accumulated snow can be removed from a parking lot using a Skid steer and dump truck. This clears up more spaces for customer use. 

Sometimes you might have the perfect back yard but feel that something just over the property line detracts from your experience. If a fence would be considered out of place, Performance Lawn and Landscape can install a row of tall hedges that will block, improve your view, and maintain a natural look.

The project pictured was all about creating privacy. The home owner wanted complete privacy between her house and outdoor living area.

Previously, privacy was created by a large number of spruce trees that had been removed. Twelve arbor vitae hedges were planted, creating  delineation between the house and the outdoor landscaping.

The result is a beautiful view and complete privacy.

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